SA Conversion Kit for APR Performance Formula GT3 Mirrors (P/N CB-100004B) for 1990-2005 Mazda Miata


How to convert APR Formula GT3 Mirrors from “Universal”-spec to SA Miata-spec:

This is not a matter of simply “getting the adapter plates.”  There are a lot more parts and considerations involved.  Read through this entire section to find out what what’s involved.

These are not “just some cheap plastic parts.”  The CAD-designed Miata adapter plates are individually cut by a CNC machine, in the USA, by a local machine shop from solid 6061 aluminum billet, then powder-coated individually. The mirror rods are cut to length from solid 6061 extruded aluminum billet rods, machine drilled/chamfered/tapped on both ends, bent to a Miata-specific angle in a bending machine, then powder-coated.  (read:  there is no “cheapness” going on here).

– You must have an authentic APR Performance product, part number CB-100004B.  The exact kit is shown on the APR Performance website here:
– So called “universal” mirrors made by other companies WILL NOT FIT.

These are the parts you will re-use from the APR kit:
– Mirror housings w/ lenses (driver + passenger).
– M5 screws and plastic washers at the top of the mirror housings (that screw into the mirror rods).
– Small “universal” base w/ pivot ball.

You will not be able to re-use these parts:
– M5 screws, nuts, and washers that went with the small “universal” base.
– Mirror rods (“stalks”).  Why not?  See the drawings on this page.

The conversion kit comes with the following parts:
2 x Miata-specific mirror rods (“stalks”)
2 x Miata-specific CNC-cut adapter plates (“bases”)
2 x Miata-specific rubber gaskets (this goes between the door and the adapter plate)
4 x M6 flat head stainless steel socket cap screws (this secures the base to the door)
4 x M5x10mm flat head stainless steel socket cap screws (this secures the APR small “universal” base to the SA adapter plate)
2 x M5x16mm flat head stainless steel socket cap screws (this secures the APR mirror housing to the rod)
2 x M5 plastic washers (this goes between the M5x16mm screws and the APR mirror housing)

Additional notes:
– The APR-to-SA mirror conversion kit is only available direct from SA.
– P/N CB-100004B is actually APR’s 3rd generation of “universal” mirror.  The 3rd generation mirrors come with lenses that are 5.5″ wide, while the (discontinued) 2nd generation mirrors came with lenses that were 4.5″ wide.  The rods and small mounting bases w/ pivot ball are interchangeable between the 2nd and 3rd generation mirrors.  APR’s (discontinued) 1st generation “universal” mirrors were a very different design, and have no interchangeable parts with the 2nd and 3rd generation mirrors.

Ordering and shipping info:
– Shipping cost is $8 for USPS Priority Mail (to USA), and is automatically added during online checkout.
– Allow 2-3 business days to ship after placing an order.
– If you are outside the USA, please send us a message via the Contact Form. Make sure to include your shipping address, and we will reply with a total cost including shipping, as well as an e-mail address to send PayPal payment to.
– PDF instructions are available upon request.
– If you have any questions, please send us a message via the Contact Form.

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